About us

CubeSnack BITS works in conjunction with the CubeSnack e-commerce marketplace, further enhancing the e-commerce experience for shoppers and local store owners alike. As a facilitator of local delivery between the two, it also presents reliable drivers with the opportunity to earn extra income.

Easing the busy lifestyles of our shoppers, it is simple to arrange delivery of their purchases when going to the store isn’t possible or convenient. Local delivery via CubeSnack BITS is ideal for both large and small purchases, for things bought from local retail stores, online sellers and times when heading out just isn’t possible. This delivery option simplifies completing the sale and elevates the user experience for our sellers and local stores who now have a fleet of our own drivers available via the CubeSnack Driver App. It’s one more way that the CubeSnack ecommerce platform is making shopping local more convenient.

How it Works

Shopping local is simple and delivery is even easier with CubeSnack BITS. Shoppers can support their local communities not only by purchasing from local stores, but also having it delivered by a local CubeSnack BITS driver.

Unlike the cable man who has you waiting around for a few days, CubeSnack BITS provides buyers with same-day delivery. Buyers can watch their merchandise en route with real-time tracking and receive it safely in-hand or contactlessly.

As a CubeSnack BITS driver, you have the opportunity to earn additional income while helping local shops thrive. Learn more here to start delivering and earning!

*Installation or repairs of purchases by CubeSnack drivers is currently unavailable.

Relevance and Advantages

Being a driver for CubeSnack BITS is the perfect gig for anyone who wants to work on their own schedule and earn extra money.

Some advantages include

  • You can work a few hours a week or mark yourself available in the app as often as you would like.
  • You control the areas you would like to work in within our available cities. We are currently road testing CubeSnack BITS in New York City, Long Island, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, Charlotte, Portland, Chicago, Houston, and Miami.
  • You can select the maximum delivery load that you can deliver, based on your vehicle. Have a truck with lots of payload available? Sign up to deliver items that weigh 75 pounds and over to earn a higher pay. Have a passenger vehicle? You can deliver smaller, lightweight items more frequently. Riding a bike or walking? Grab a few small items from the store and deliver them to customers. We have something for everyone.
  • Your safety is our priority. Deliveries can be contactless or in-hand, and you will not be required to install or assemble the items you deliver.
  • Get paid weekly. There’s no limit to how much you can earn and you’ll be paid weekly. Need to withdraw cash early? No problem, simply request an early payout for a small fee.*
  • Your delivery service is helping local stores attract and retain more customers.
  • This is the perfect side gig, flexible main gig or a way to earn additional income in your free time. You call your own shots, BITS boss!